Mental Health

Mermaids are awesome, but unfortunately they’re not real. Mental health conditions are. I am not an expert, nor qualified to write about anything medical. What I am is a fan of people and organizations who are not only experts, but compassionate and helpful.


NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness has been an amazing resource for myself and my family. Their current campaign is to cure stigma around mental health. Check them out to find support groups for people living with mental health condition, for family members and caregivers. They have resources for teens and young adults, LGBTQ, veterans, diverse communities and parent support. NAMI provides help for those in crisis, or if you’re preparing for a crisis.



Unconventional Grief is a topic explored in THE MERMAID UPSTAIRS. Here’s an article from The American Academy of Bereavement that I have found helpful in explaining what unconventional grief is and how to grieve someone alive.

Unconventional Grief: Grieving Someone Alive by The American Academy of Bereavement


The internet can be such a toxic environment at times. Make a conscious choice to NOT participate in the tidal wave of hate directed at a single human being.

A person I cared about and respected greatly was a victim of internet bullying and she paid with her life. Jill had bipolar disorder and when the internet decided to make her life a living hell, it became too much for her. She left behind so many people who loved and cared for her, especially her two children. It is in her memory that I ask you to please chose love. You do not know what someone else may be going through. You don’t know the entire story if you’re just reading one person’s opinion or perspective. Chose Love. Chose to discuss how you’re feeling, how you’re triggered and the change you want to see. Hate solves nothing. It only hurts the one spewing the poison and the ones that are fragile. CHOSE LOVE.

More info on Jill and her tragic downfall in this article “Was ‘Mean Girls’ Producer Jill Messick Shamed Into Suicide?” by